Party To Go Kits

Partying has never been easier! We offer Party to Go Kits for your celebration or next event. Please complete the form so we can better customize your Party To Go Kit for your celebration. We provide everything you need for your DIY projects except for the paint and paint supplies such as paper towels, paper plates, baby wipes, etc. We suggest you utilize acrylic and/or chalk paint for your stenciling. Once we have your information, we will create a private party link for your group for them to place their orders for your event. 


A $35 non-fundable deposit to create the private party link for the group and an additional $40 refundable deposit should you decide (only if local to Valencia,PA) to borrow our tools/picks for your party. The deposits should be made via check made out to My Home Matters, LLC. The check will be held until either the event has taken place (if no tools were borrowed) OR until our tools are returned. Once tools are returned/event has taken place, we will shred the check (or return it if desired). We do not deliver kits. All party-to-go kits must be picked up at our Valencia, PA location (address to be given at the time of booking). We will require a signed waiver that will be done electronically. Payments for all orders related to your event must be paid TWO WEEKS prior to your event.

The $40 deposit will be refunded if and only if:
(1)the spatulas and squeegees are returned within one week of your event.
(2)there is no cancelation of the kit order once supplies have been purchased or
printing and background prep has begun.

It is best that the coordinator be someone who has experienced a workshop at My Home Matters, LLC, simply because someone with experience will be able to guide the group better than someone with no prior experience. We will provide a detailed list of instructions and we will also provide a video demonstration as well.

My Home Matters, LLC is not expected to be “on-call” during a party for which
we provided the kits. We are also not responsible for mistakes or issues that occur during the event for which the kits were purchased.

Cancelation of your kit order can occur no later than TWO WEEKS prior to your
event. If you cancel the kit order with less than two week’s notice, the original
deposit will not be refunded.

Mistakes, Mess-Ups and Flaws
All wood has distinct flaws in the wood and all wood takes stain and paint
differently. Due to dings, cracks, knots or other markings in the wood, paint can
bleed under the stencil more so in those spots. My Home Matters, LLC is not
responsible for replacing any stencil or background that may be damaged after
pick-up occurs, or for fixing or replacing signs due to colors that did not show up,
bled under the stencil, or did not turn out to the liking of the kit-maker. We will
give advice as best we can for fixing any issues or trouble shooting, and we will
gladly re-create the background and/or stencil at a cost equal to the per-person cost of the original kits.

I understand that I will use and/or be exposed to a small amount of stain, paint, drills, nails, sand paper, screws, hooks, staples and other tools during My Home Matters, LLC workshops. I further agree to release and discharge My Home Matters, LLC for any injury, loss or damage that may arise out of my participation in My Home Matters, LLC workshops or my presence in My Home Matters, LLC facilities caused by me, My Home Matters, LLC or any third party. I agree to indemnify and defend My Home Matters, LLC against all claims, causes of action, damages, judgements costs or expenses including reasonable attorney’s fees and other litigation costs which may in any way arise from my participation in My Home Matters, LLC facilities.

Changes to Terms
This agreement/these policies may be updated by the studio from time to time, and may be amended to incorporate additional items. All such updates and changes are effective immediately. We expressly reserve the right to make any changes to this agreement at any time without prior notice to you.