Using Greenery in Your Spring Decor - Round 2

Using Greenery in Your Spring Decor - Round 2

Using greenery in your spring (or any season) decor is one of the easiest ways to make a big impact. This is the second blog post I have written on this exact subject. If you'd like to visit the first one, you can do so here. So, let's get to it! All of the pieces I will be mentioning can be found in our online shop. And, over St. Patrick's Day weekend, we have something special going on in relation to greenery in the shop on so follow me on Facebook and tune in to my weekly Live called Friday Features on Friday, March 17th to find out what that is!

Candle Rings

Candle rings are not just for candles anymore! Hang them in front of a cutting board, on a tray or cake stand, or underneath some cute spring decor like a bunny (shown here on the Ashoka Candle Ring)! They also work well hung down from cabinet doors. If it's a mini candle ring, like the After the Rain Candle Ring, they work around tiny little decor like the adorable little hatching bunnies I have inside my cake stand cloches.

white bunny sitting on greens on a white cakestand

cloches decorated with After the Rain candle rings and spring bunnies hatching

The bunny below is resting on the Grand Bay Candle Ring and the pink candles are resting atop the Rainwashed Candle Rings.

Decorative Easter bunny sitting on greens

pink candles witting on Rainwashed Candle Rings on tall candle holders of mantel

Greenery As Filler for Larger Spaces

Faux greens work so well as filler, too. Whether it's to fill in gaps, soften wooden tray or "harder" decor, it can be just the right finishing touch. I love "half-spheres" for this, like the Rainwashed Half Sphere. They also are perfect for resting inside baskets, as shown below with the Irish Hops placed in the bunnies' baskets!

Rainwashed Half Sphere used as spring decor on a bunny stand.

Rainwashed Half Sphere used on dining table decorated for spring and Easter

White ceramic bunny holding a basket filled with Irish Hops Half Sphere greenery

Irish Hops Half Sphere inside mini crate on decorative mini bench for spring and Easter

Greenery as Filler for Smaller Spaces

Tiered trays can always use smaller greens as filler and to soften things up. Additionally, they just provide some much needed texture to what can often be very "hard" looking without them. I love the Gatehouse Herb Mini Pot for this. I use them a lot! I also love the After the Rain Candle Ring (shown behind the little bunny house) since it's so petite.

Gatehouse Herb Mini Pot used on a photo ledge

After the Rain Mini Candle Ring shown on a tiered tray decorated for Easter and Spring

One more shows the Ashoka Half Sphere (sold out) which is much more compact than the ones mentioned above. The Seed Head Half Sphere is a great alternative.


On Chair Backs

I love to jazz up the backs of my kitchen/dining chairs with some greens, too! Here I'm using the Wildflower Wishes Drop. Lucky snuck in to the photo as he was drying his whiskers off after a big drink of water!

Wildflower Wishes faux green hung off the back of a kitchen chair

Here's a novel concept... In a Vase!

Here, I'm using the Astilbe Bush in a small vase on my living room side table.

Pink and green Spring decor on a side table

Finally, our monthly subscription boxes often come with greenery...

For instance, our March 2023 Boxed Up and Happiness is HOMEmade projects both came with some greenery! Happiness is HOMEmade is using the same Astilbe Bush as above. And the Boxed Up  project incorporated the Ashford Eucalyptus Bush. All so pretty!

Spring decor on a table using greens and flowers and bunnies

painted envelope for spring using flowers, greens and birds

So what's your favorite greenery mentioned in this post? I honestly can't pick just one! But I hope this was helpful for ideas and options for how you can add faux greenery into your decor because these ideas can be swapped out for the winter months as well. You can pin/save the post below for future reference if that is helpful. Happy decorating!


white ceramic bunny holding Irish Hops Half Sphere greenery with flowers


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