Unveiling Our March 2024 Boxed Up Project: Blooming Bunny Basket

Unveiling Our March 2024 Boxed Up Project: Blooming Bunny Basket

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Spring is finally upon us, and what better way to celebrate the season of renewal and growth than with our March 2024 Boxed Up project - the Blooming Bunny Basket! Packed with everything you need to create a charming spring-themed décor piece, this project is sure to bring a touch of whimsy and cheer to your home.

What's Included in this Box?

There is quite a list of items that come in this box!

  • Grapevine hanging basket
  • Greenery piece (of the trailing variety)
  • Five white faux tulips
  • Ribbon
  • Hanging wood background
  • Two wood tiles (circle and square)
  • Stencils - "Every Bunny Welcome" and "Welcome" (with laurels)
  • 3 3M Command Picture Strips
  • One white cotton tail
  • One white 6" pom pom
  • One set of bunny feet
  • Wired twine
  • Two pieces of wire
  • One paint stick

The Bunny Basket Breakdown...

Grapevine Hanging Basket: The perfect base for your blooming creation, this rustic grapevine basket adds a touch of natural charm.

Greenery Piece: Add a burst of freshness and color with a lush greenery piece to complement your tulips.

Five White Tulips: Symbolizing purity and new beginnings, these delicate white tulips will bring a sense of springtime bliss to your arrangement.

Ribbon: A beautiful ribbon to tie it all together and add a playful touch to your bunny basket.

Hanging Wood Background: Create depth and dimension with a wooden background to showcase your floral masterpiece.

Two Wood Tiles (circle & square): Personalize your creation with these versatile wood tiles, perfect for adding a custom touch.

Every Bunny Welcome Stencil: Welcome guests with open arms and a dash of whimsy with this adorable stencil.

Welcome with Laurels Stencil: Add a touch of elegance and charm with this laurel-adorned welcome stencil.

Three Command Strips: Ensure your wood tile creations stay securely in place with these reliable command strips on the hanging wood background.

One White Pompom: A fluffy white pompom to add a playful finishing touch to your bunny's tail.

One Set of Bunny Wood Feet: Give your bunny basket character and personality with these adorable wooden feet.

One Cottontail: No bunny is complete without its signature cottontail - add a touch of whimsy to your creation!

Some Wired Twine: Add texture and interest with wired twine, perfect for securing elements in place.

Two Pieces of Wire: Versatile wire to help you shape and secure your bunny and its ears to the paint stick.

One Paint Stick: This is the tool that holds the bunny in place.

Get More Bang for your Bunny Butt (I Mean Buck)!


As a member, you can take 15% off anything in our Maker's Market section of the website. But, member or not, you can utilize any of our interchangeable mini signs with this project. Simply swap them out as much as you'd like for an instant update. We have tile designs for pretty much any season and theme you can think of...and always adding new ones!

Whether you're a seasoned crafter or a newcomer to the world of DIY, our Blooming Bunny Basket project is designed to delight and inspire. With step-by-step instructions and all the materials you need included in one convenient box, crafting a charming springtime centerpiece has never been easier.

So, gather your supplies, unleash your creativity, and let's bring a touch of springtime magic into your home with the Blooming Bunny Basket.

Join Our Awesome Crafting Community!


You can grab one of our extras (while supplies last) of this box or run, don't walk, to subscribe so that you are guaranteed a box every month! We also have quarterly memberships (this option is only open for sign ups in January, April, July and October) if you're not quite ready for a project every month!

What are you waiting for? Come join us for your monthly (or quarterly) dose of DIY therapy!


Have a creative week!



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