What BOXED UP Means to Our Members

What BOXED UP Means to Our Members

Once upon a time there was a mom who would do just about anything to be able to stay home with her kids as long as possible. She loved teaching but even in the one year she went back and had to leave her daughter at the sitter's for the first time, she burst out crying right in the principal's office after being asked "How's it going?" on Day 1 of her first day back to work. Fast forward almost exactly 13 years later and that mom is typing this blog post to talk about what the subscription membership she started means to her members...
So here I type... and this week I wanted to focus on What My Home Matters BOXED UP means to our members since last week I wrote about what it means to me. I'd like to focus on what our members had to say in a recent survey sent out as part of our one year anniversary celebration. As we prepare to close the cart tonight on the current open cart (which means 10pm tonight, Monday, September 16, 2019 will be the last chance to get in as a subscribing member until the next open cart - and we don't know when that will be!), allow me to show you some of the questions we asked and what members had to say. If you've been debating signing up, and need one more opportunity to hear more from members, here's your chance!

What was it that prompted you to subscribe?
Creativity! I followed Laura on My Home Matters page -loved what she was doing!
I enjoy doing crafts and having everything I need sent to me.
I like doing crafts and it was a good excuse to get together with friends.
Love the concept of getting a project to make every month.
I love crafts and I loved the idea behind Boxed Up.
I liked the idea of working on projects at my own pace, and not able to attend the workshops I wanted to due to my work schedule.
I loved Laura's work and wanted to create projects like hers.
I loved her workshop products, but don't live close enough to participate. This gave me the option to make items without having to be in Pittsburgh.
I have gotten away from being creative and this gives me a reminder that I need to take time for myself and creativity!
I love her workshops but didn't always have the time to attend in-home workshop. I enjoy crafting and thought I would be able to create the project in my home.
I like to make things and Laura's projects were always so pretty and of my style.

How would you explain our product/service to a friend, family member or colleague?
Creativity in a box! You get the base with instructions and then can follow along or be as creative as you want. No 2 boxes are the same, even after a year!
That's hard. I call it a craft club but then it sounds like we are doing macrame or building things with popsicle sticks. A club where I get a new project I wouldn't have thought of each month and learn new techniques that I can use on other projects. All of this I can customize to my favorite colors and styles.
It is the best thing ever if you like to craft but hate the buying of the products.
Easy and fun crafts.
I love getting a project box every month that contains everything I need from start to finish. The project is usually seasonal and can be used right away, too.
If you love doing crafts, this is the perfect subscription plan for you. Video instructions, supplies included. Also the price is right.
It's a monthly craft box that varies each month with a surprise do-it-yourself high quality craft.
DIY wood working products for house decor. Always something new and exciting.
A box that should be wrapped with a bow, that contains everything you need to create a monthly craft!
Fun! Very well thought out craft projects delivered to your doorstep (always a surprise!) along with excellent tutorials and a fun group to be a part of!
Laura's posts were always so warm and welcoming to others - love her projects and being able to do things to help improve my home style.
A different monthly subscription box, that I have never heard of and I also enjoy crafting, so I thought I would give this a shot! So happy I did!!
It's a full-service subscription craft box that comes with everything you need - including written and video instructions - to make Pinterest-worthy home decor projects.
A DIY arts and crafts subscription service, allowing you to make your own unique home decor items.
Given all supplies to be creative at home when you have time.
I receive a monthly box of goodies with instructions for a home project to create. I can follow the directions to a "T" or make it my own! It's always a surprise to see what Laura's team prepared for us!
A craft club that provides the base materials, provides online tutorials, encouragement, sharing, ideas...

If you had any apprehension about the mystery aspect, how do you feel now in comparison to when you first joined?
I love it! I can't wait to see what the project is!
I love it
Love it!!
I love that it is a surprise!
Love receiving my box every month.
I've learned so much, that if it's a craft that either isn't my style, I can get creative and either give it as a gift or use it in another craft idea.
No apprehension here, love the idea of it being a surprise each month!
Love it
Love the mystery aspect of it - it's part of the fun!
I don't love surprises, but I trust that Laura continues to come up with pieces that I will enjoy making and using in my home, or giving as gifts to others.
I would prefer to have some choices each month and not have it be a surprise. Some of the items I did not want. But most - I have.
The mystery is part of the fun! It helps me try things I may not have picked out on my own.
I didn't have any apprehension.
Once I realized I could customize the projects and wouldn't be expected to make it exactly as Laura did, I started to enjoy the surprise more.

What is your favorite part of being a Boxed Up subscriber?
It is something for me to do in my free time that I enjoy!
Getting a surprise in the mail every month and the support of the group.
The feeling of accomplishment when the project is completed.
Learning new techniques for projects and not having to go to a craft store and try to figure out what I need to do a project.
Eagerly awaiting my box each month.
The ability to be creative and make the piece my own as opposed to making it like everyone else.
The monthly surprise of seeing what is in the box!
Getting excited come the 1st of the month, that I get something in the email besides a bill! Love to see what you come up with for us to create and expand our crafty horizons!
The tutorials and seeing everyone's projects!
Learning new things
Gives me a creative outlet to relax
The projects AND the wonderful supportive community.
I really like seeing what everyone else comes up with for their finished pieces. It's fun to be part of such a creative group of people!
The crafts for my home
The opportunity to create something new for my home each month, with everything I need delivered to my door!
Sharing of ideas and support! The ability to craft according to my schedule.
Learning techniques I've always admired but didn't know how to do.

I hope this helps to get a view into how our current members are feeling or how they would describe BOXED UP. Two of our Founding Members were so gracious to come on a LIVE Facebook with me earlier this week - this was completely unscripted! But it was great to hear their thoughts - check out that video HERE! Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask in the comments! Are you a current member?
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Isn’t it so heartwarming to know how many lives you’re touching and how much joy you’re bringing into people’s lives? It’s a win-win for all involved! Keep it up! :)

Yvonne Velez

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