Using Greenery in Your Spring Decor

Using Greenery in Your Spring Decor

Using greenery in your spring decor can be a game changer. If you read my post a couple of weeks ago (Five Ways for Styling Your Wood Decor Pieces), you saw that adding greenery is a big one! And, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you also know that I try to give ideas for this there. However, you may still need some ideas so let's talk about some here! (Just a quick note that, while this post contains links to our own shop products, it also contains a couple of affiliate links. If you decide to purchase through one of the affiliate links, I will get a small commission from that purchase but it comes at no additional cost to you. Feel free to read my Privacy Notice.)
Use greenery as part of your table centerpiece.

Tuck greenery into a basket with your table essentials or into a vase on a turntable. Another option is to layer it in on a raised tray. For this tray, I nestled moss bunnies into three of our Grand Bay Candle Rings. Then I filled in with more moss and ceramic bunnies.

Add it into a rustic toolbox...

Here, I'm displaying our Late Bloomer Half Sphere.

Add it to a tiered tray...

I was even able to removed my tiered tray pieces and put a candle ring over the middle pedestal on this tray. And for the following tray, I added in some of our Tempest Blooms.

Your shelves need softening up, too!

How about a little Gatehouse Herb Mini Pot on some photo ledges? Tapered bottoms to the little terracotta pots make them work well on narrow ledges like these. But they also are perfect for a tiered tray filler!
Have a tray with a lip around the edge?

Mix and match multiple pieces like the Stratford Fronds Candle Ring and the Irish Hops Half Sphere! I love how the bunnies from Target look - like they are right at home nibbling on the grass.

Do you have a blanket ladder?

Give it some dimension and added texture with a metal bin and some greenery. They don't have to just be for blankets!

Give your pantry some greenery love...

Place settings love greenery, too!

Tuck a little sprig into a burlap sack for your utensils and BOOM! It's an instant embellishment!
Door hangers don't have to be wreaths...

Vary the heights and the colors by filling a door basket like this one from Ballard Designs that you can interchange throughout the seasons. Tuck some little moss bunnies in to the mix or add a little spring sign instead of the ribbon on the front.
Nothing says spring like a pretty tulip! And these faux tulips from Amazon look so real!

Cake stands, pedestals and risers, OH MY!

Did you know that we have two DIY home decor subscription box memberships? These cute little pedestals were in our March 2022 Happiness is HOMEmade subscription box (grab one of the extra pedestals here) and they look great with a candle ring or half sphere!

And I used tiny little wreaths from Target's Dollar Spot inside my trio of cake stands on my island riser.

Don't forget those chair backs!

Candle Rings can be just that... candle rings!

The Stratford Fronds Candle Rings are a great compliment to your 3-inch candles!
A dough bowl also screams for a soft, green partner, too!

And there's always a standard vase!

How about on a mug rack?

I used the same tiny wreaths from Target's dollar bins here.
I could keep going on and on about using greenery in your decor! But I hope this gives you lots of ideas. Please check out all of the greenery in our shop as we stock many of the pieces you see in this post. And, we will continue to keep adding seasonal items so check back regularly! Pin this post if you'd like quick reference for ideas as you decorate this Spring!
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