Toolbox Decor

Toolbox Decor

Toolbox decor has become one of my favorite ways to add character pieces to my home. The uses can range from storing the standard "tools" to table decor to even wall decor! In fact, we have some toolboxes available in the online shop right now that can serve as Father's Day gifts!
Dining Table Decor

I love this toolbox from Homegoods. It was gray when I purchased it but I wanted to brighten it up so I painted it white and distressed so that the gray tones would come through. Pretty much all of the holidays have seen this toolbox decorated for them! I love it on my dining table with lemons for summer...
Toolbox filled with greens and lemons on dining room table
Or with pretty eggs for's a photo from a prior blog post about decorating my table.
Easter placesetting with toolbox centerpiece
How About on a Coffee Table?

Living room coffee table with toolbox decor
Or on a fireplace hearth!

And there are so many options for what you can put in them or design on their sides...

Add a bottle opener and you have a special gift (hint hint - check these out in our shop)!

But what if we think outside of the "toolbox" for a second...

What about hanging a toolbox on the wall? Check out this pin that incorporates a toolbox into these beautiful dining room shelves? From

Or how about hanging china like this one from This is definitely thinking outside of the box!

Towel bar and shelves for the bathroom, anyone? I love this one from!

Or maybe hang one upside down?

There are soooo many options! I've even seen them used on the wall for jewelry (hung on it's side) and hung upside right on the wall just holding pretty plates and greens. And WOAH! Look what I stumbled across when I was scrolling Pinterest for "Toolbox Decor?" I had to do a double-take when my own pin came up! Hahahahaha...

We've got 18-inch currently stocked for custom orders in the online shop but 24-inches are making a come back in the shop and will be available again soon. Or, check your local antique stores, or even places like Homegoods, Marshall's and TJMaxx... you never know what you will find! Have a great week, everyone!

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Can’t wait to pick mine up and make it. Absolutely love these.

Jennifer Grabowski

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