Three Kitchen Organizing Tips

Three Kitchen Organizing Tips

I have three kitchen organizing tips for you this week! Whether you have kids, love to bake, or just need to find ways to maximize your storage spaces, these can apply to you. Funny thing is, the busier I get with the online shop, the more my home has become an UN-organized mess! You may think I kid, but I assure you this is no joke. if you're following on social media, you know that we're currently working on our son's room (coming in next week's blog post!) and the way his room got is, unfortunately, the way several other spaces look in the house. But, these two cabinets have stayed pretty well organized and I truly believe that, if a space is well-thought out for how it is used, it can stay that way with very little effort. So, here's three tips.
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1. Use those hosiery and intimates dividers meant for bedroom drawers as cup storage!

If you have a drawer deep enough for cups, these work wonderfully for keeping kids' plastic cups in a drawer. We put ours in a drawer that is right across from the dishwasher for each reach when emptying. We store the lids on their sides in the back. This makes it super easy for growing kids to be able to have easy access to plastic cups. plastic kids cups in a drawer
2. Use Rubbermaid food storage containers for flours and sugars.

Kitchen organizing can get expensive. So, the accumulation of all of our storage bins has come over the past 20 years. Try the Dollar Tree for alternatives to more pricey options. I love the Rubbermaid containers because they fit nicely in the upper cabinets and come in varying heights. Since they all have the same base shape, they can be stacked. I love the stacking feature so that I can use smaller ones for different types of chips. We use chocolate chips the most so that gets a large container. But for peanut butter chips, white chocolate chips and the other, we don't use nearly as many. We also store nuts like pecans and walnuts this way.
baking ingredients inside a kitchen cabinet
I also like smaller turntables for cabinets like this so that you can reach the items in the back without having to move the things in the front.
3. Think outside of the "bin" when it comes to kitchen organizing...magazine holders will even work!

Here's a very old (and grainy) picture when we first set up and organized this cabinet several years ago.
a baking cabinet in a kitchen
I found the yellow magazine holders in the Target Dollar Spot. They are low enough to fit on the bottom shelf but they also have sides to contain taller items. These are inexpensive bins for organizing kitchen spaces like this. Since the baking sprinkles are housed in this cabinet, we used spice jars from Ikea to keep maximize space (now they are all the same size containers) and turned them upside down so that you can see them without having to pull them out. I found these similar jars on Amazon since I couldn't find the exact same ones currently at Ikea. This drawer/cabinet houses everything from cupcake liners to googly eyes, easter egg dying stuff and food coloring. It does help that our drawers pull out so that it's easier to access each shelf. If that's not the case for you, what I typically try to do is use bins that I can simply pull or slide out and organize the insides of each bin. This has worked well for us for several years! It may not be quite as organized today, but here are some less blurry pics I took just this afternoon to show that not much has changed!
kitchen baking supplies in a cabinet kitchen drawer with baking items
Finally, don't forget those labels! A label maker works well or the same chalkboard labels I mentioned in my recent post about pantry organization.
Happy organizing! I'll be back next week with our son's room makeover.

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