The MORE that you READ, the MORE things you will KNOW...

The MORE that you READ, the MORE things you will KNOW...

The more that you READ, the MORE things you will KNOW...

~Inspired by Dr. Seuss and our dog, Lucky
In light of our Scavenger Hunt that is going on this week until mid-day August 15th, I thought this would be a good week to help guide you through the process of navigating our website so that you can play along for our BIGGEST GIVEAWAY EVER!
Our online space has also been through some big changes this year – we changed our domain name, added this blog and, since I’m no longer selling on Etsy, all of our products can now be found right within our website.  While you can do things like subscribe to our Boxed Up monthly DIY craft membership or sign up for a workshop, read these blogs, and read up on us (and more) on our site, when you click on the Order and Shop tab, you enter an entirely new dimension… it’s one that’s packed full of goodies from kits and stencils to signs, trays, wreaths, custom order options AND SO MUCH MORE! And, unless you’ve actually snooped around a good bit, chances are you have no idea just how much we offer!
So… the kids helped me create a Dr. Seuss-inspired poem to describe what happens when you get to our website and venture into the Order and Shop tab…read it out loud if it helps get you in the Dr. Seuss spirit!

Order and Shop

“Order and Shop” is the best place to be
If you’re looking for all of the options to see.
A gift for a loved one or maybe yourself
One of our best-selling signs is a shelf!

If a sign is your pleasure, what shall it be?
Unframed or framed might determine your fee!
Round or Rectangle? Planked or Smooth?
You can design it any way that you choose!

Or is it a tray that you say??
A tray or a sleigh?
A tray or a sleigh
or a clock or a box?
A tray or a sleigh
or a clock or a box
or a kit that’s a hit?
Or a blanket that’s knit?
Or a pillow…that’s it!

We have backgrounds galore in our online store
With so much to choose from you’ll have to explore!
Dark stain or light stain, black stain or gray…
White-wash is awesome, what can we say!
We’ll distress to impress, add a frame or some handles
Decorate a tray with food, books, or candles!

Wreaths are among us as well don’t forget
In burlap and grapevine and others I bet.
Stencils are plenty – you name it my friend
Ask us for custom so options won’t end!

And I almost forgot- we have barn door signs, too!
They’re something unique that was way overdue.
Growth charts are coming! They’re such a great way
to track all the growing to look back on one day.

A saying on canvas lasts way more than hours
You may even add three dimensional flowers.
Or just shop our store to see what’s been done
We update the shop to stay fresh and stay fun.

We’ll show you how to make lots of our kits
So you don’t have to rely on simply your wits.
With so many choices we hope that you find
Something you love that is one of a kind.

But wait! There’s more! Our beloved Bearded Collie, Lucky, agreed to work for his equally beloved carrots to translate our Seuss-ified poem a bit…

To go to our online shop, simply head to the website,, first… Let’s say you’re on a desktop. This is what you’ll see in that case. To get into our online shop, simply click the “Order and Shop” tab.

From there, you have the option of exploring our online shop, checking out all of our kits and stencils (we offer ALL of our in-person workshop catalog designs as stencils and we’ll even do personalized stencils if nothing we have is quite what you were looking for), or browsing our entire catalog of custom order options. Or maybe you need a quick gift and just want to what we already have available in the store… there really are so many options! We’ll ship anywhere in the Unites States, but we offer a local pick up code right inside the shop for those of you who are just a hop, skip, jump or short drive away.
Here’s what you’ll see on a desktop (I’m kind of proud of the fact that I figured out how to make this graphic! But not as proud of my pooch who was willing to put all humility aside for the sake of this blog post.

All of these options may have Lucky looking all sophisticated, but he really prefers our farmhouse shelf signs since they are great for hanging those dog leashes! We like them for mugs, keys, wreaths, light coats, hats, umbrellas and more. But he does point out another great use!

So we covered how the website looks from a desktop. But what if you’re diving into our website from a phone? No problem! There’s just one little difference when navigating…and that is the fact that you will see three lines at the top of the page and you have to click on those three lines in order to see the Order and Shop tab appear.

Once you click on those three lines, you’ll be able to choose the Order and Shop tab. Click on the three lines again (top right corner) to see our menu for featured items, and our Catalog which includes Kits and Stencils, the option to Create a Custom Order, or you can shop what we have available in our store!

Whatever the case may be, we offer a myriad of sizes, shapes and styles of signs, trays, and other wall decor.
  • Round signs
  • Round trays
  • Planked signs
  • Planked trays
  • Unframed signs
  • Framed signs
  • Signs with Shelves (Farmhouse Shelf Signs)
  • Hanging Canvas Signs
  • Barn Door Signs (also available as custom orders coming soon)
  • Growth Charts (available as custom orders coming soon)

The top FIVE questions I’m asked about placing a Custom Order
Once you have placed an online order, it goes into my queue of folks waiting for their order to be processed. Perhaps these top five questions will help.

  1. Can I pick up my order instead of paying for shipping?
    Our code for pick up is WILLPICKUP and that code is listing right in each order that qualifies for pick up (which is just about everything). We do not offer pick up for any of our Boxed Up projects as well as one or two larger items that are just too awkward to ship (all items are noted as to whether they can be shipped or not). If an item qualifies for shipping, we will ship to anywhere in the United States.

  1. Will I be able to see my design before you work on it?
    I personally design all of our custom orders. I will not only send one mock-up of your design, but very often two or more using different fonts or layouts depending on your order. I will keep working on designs until you say you are satisfied!

  1. Where are you located so that I know if I am able to pick up my order?
    I can tell you that we are located in Valencia, Pennsylvania. When your order is placed and/or ready for pick up, we will provide the specific address.

  1. What is the difference between distressed white and white wash?
    First of all, we do include photos of each finish option within each listing so that you can see the difference. But, to elaborate, a distressed white background is achieved by first applying a dark stain. Once that has dried, we add a couple of layers of white paint. Finally, we use an electric sander to distress in certain areas, especially the edges. This background is a much whiter version than the white washes. A white wash effect is achieved by first dry brushing a couple of different white paints onto a wooden background leaving some of the wood background exposed and untouched. Once that is dry, we apply a stain over the entire thing. Sometimes we use a gray stain and sometimes we use a light brown, depending on the look desired (again, images of both a gray-tinted and creamy brown tinted white washes are shown within each listing).

  1. How do I let you know my customization details? And can I send you a photo that I have as inspiration?
    Within the specific product listing, you will have the option to add a photo as well as your personalization and lettering color(s) or anything else you feel the need to tell us. Lots of people include an inspiration photo this and it is very helpful for us!


Okay, folks… if you’re reading this during our big Scavenger Hunt (and the deadline of August 15th at 1pm has not passed yet, now you have some insight on how to find our items and get entered into our biggest giveaway yet!
In the meantime, Lucky has clocked out for the day!
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This is fantastic! I don’t know what’s better – the Seuss poem or Lucky’s poses, lol!

Yvonne Velez

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