Our Master Bathroom Refresh!

Our Master Bathroom Refresh!

After twelve years since renovating our home, our master bathroom we badly in need of a refresh! The dark gold color was showing signs of it's age and I knew it could be updated fairly easily. In this post, I will take you on a little tour and explain the updates we did. I love this space now! So, without further adieu, here is what we did.
A Fresh Coat of Paint and Some Peel and Stick Shiplap...

With just over a half gallon of Sherwin Williams Repose Gray, the walls began to smile again. It took about a week for me to become totally convinced with my color decision but now I'm in love! I don't have many before pictures but I do have this photo looking into the "water closet" (aka toilet room) which still has yet to get any updates. The shower curtain is part of the newly update space.
If you've been following me this year, you probably know that I've used this peel and stick wallpaper from Target in our entry and on one wall of our dining room, and on the backsplash of our dining room bar area. I've gotten pretty used to it now and, being that my husband doesn't trust me not to change my mind in five years, peel and stick shiplap came in for the win once again. Just on one wall, behind the vanity, for a little bit of character and added brightness. This master bathroom refresh was coming alive!
Some Special Pieces...

Prior to painting, I had a plan in mind for what I wanted to move, sell and transform to get the most of this master bathroom refresh. This piece from TJMaxx is one of those items you don't go in looking for but come out never even knowing existed. And, you're in heaven that it's going home with you. I still consider this piece one of my very favorites in our home. But it lived over the tub before and I knew I wanted to put another special piece there in it's place.
A quick rub down with some thinned out black paint darkened this baby up and now it's coloring goes with the grays and other blacks I chose for the room.
Every so often TWO special pieces come into your life and this wall bike was the next one! It had been hanging out in storage for a couple of years. I knew one day I'd find the perfect spot and over the tub was it! I absolutely love it here and am so glad I never got rid of it.
New Towels Were an Absolute Must!

We'd been using the same towels for those twelve years. Thank goodness they were good quality towels! But they were gold and green and it was time to retire them. I found these at Target and they are the extra large ones! I got two floral for me and two solid for Mr. Home Matters. For now, I pulled a bench out of storage as well to use for clean towels but I'm on the search for the perfect longer narrow bench. I'm still worried one of us will smack a toe into this one when the full bladder calls in the middle of the night. (We are of that age, after all.)

Mirrors, Stems and Ladders OH MY!

I had two of these ladders which came from a barn sale a long time ago. For quite a while, one hung above our sofa horizontally and the other hung in our entry vertically. But after we updated the main living spaces, both came down. One hangs in our hallway now and this one got a nice new coat of (distressed) black paint! Accessories that work well here are candles, a clock (that is actually cracked and no longer works but I still love it) and some bath-y type things!
Here are some other views, too. I did splurge more than usual on the stems for this space and grabbed these as well as the soap dispensers from the Hearth and Home collection by Magnolia (Target). My inner Joanna Gaines spoke to me! We added these new farmhouse light fixtures and I decided the faucets would stay brushed nickel for the time being. (Perhaps even forever.)

I do have plans for stage II of this space which is to do a floor treatment to the tile. Baby steps, folks! For now, the goldish tile feels less dated than it did before the other updates so it stopped screaming at me.

I made some little faux books and added some cute accessories, including some greens.

Oh! And I almost forgot the window valance sign! This piece finished the space off perfectly - at least for us it did. I just love it!
Now I just have to get to that "water closet." In the meantime, I hope you like our master bathroom refresh and feel inspired to make your home matter to YOU!
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