Our "Fence Bench" - Phase II

Our "Fence Bench" - Phase II

Last week, I showed you our progress on what I coined our "fence bench."  (Check out what we got done last week.) This week we put the finishing touches on this space. My only wish is that it wasn't already August!
Where we left off...fence behind a stock tank on patio

We had everything made for the most part except for the seat. So, that was our starting point. Even our daughter got into the project at this point! She helped put the hinges on so that the seat could open for storage.father and daughter assembling the seat of a bench
I made another lumber run so that we could finish the slats across the back to even things out on both sides. Then it was time to add additional screws down each side/slat. But once all of that was done, it was time to jazz it up!
Accessories can make all the difference...

To soften up the hardness of this large and heavy piece, I knew I wanted pillows. A hook on each end of the piece allows the kids to hang up a towel or two. We even added some on the back for easy access to the skimmer where we don't have to see it from the patio. person drilling towel hooks into side of wooden post
back of a fence with pool skimmer and towels hanging on hooks
I did some flower rearranging, to help with the softening aspect. After our anniversary date this past week, we made a stop to check out some solar lanterns and I grabbed several outdoor pillows on clearance to use inside the pillow covers I had purchased. The two boys were already enjoying some foot soaking which was one of the very reasons I wanted this bench. (Okay that's not exactly how it went down. When we re-filled the tank, we filled it with cold water - forgetting to add some warmer water. So they are actually daring each other who can keep their foot in longer in the frigid water.)boys relaxing with feet in stock tank pool
The stock tank pool still has us scratching our heads...as mentioned last week...

Before getting to the final accessory that I am about to mention, we drained the stock tank, cleaned it fully out and re-filled it. As of the time I wrote this, we were still unsure how to proceed as the well water seems to definitely not like the galvanized metal. More on that later. But for the night of these photos, it was nice and clear again. The next morning, not so much.
The final accessory!

String lights! My son and I found this set of LED string lights during a Costco run at just before closing when I had to pick up the project cards for our August subscription boxes. We made a mad dash to see if they had any and low and behold they still had something for summer unlike many other stores! Good thing Mr. Home Matters and I celebrated a night early for our anniversary because we spent the night of with the kids hanging these babies up. Talk about a family affair! Okay - you won't see my daughter helping because she was busy making dinner for us as an anniversary gesture. That allowed us to move right along a little faster, too. The rest of us had to stand and hold the lights to make sure we would be able to make them work around the swing awning and umbrella over the bistro table.boys hanging string lights on patio
boys hanging string lights over a patio
If you want to see me freak out, watch my husband get up on the ladder that leans over a concrete stairwell that leads to the basement. I really didn't want all of us to witness his demise. That would really be a bummer of an anniversary. But seriously - I did freak out. I've witnessed him fall off a ladder TWICE in our married life of 21 years. I did not care to do it again. So, very carefully, he hung the lights from the gutter hangers. Suddenly I was asking myself how did we get from a fence bench to hanging string lights? (Who else starts with one project and it turns into a whole bunch of others?)

What this space and fence bench look like now...

outdoor fence bench with pillows and hanging lanterns
stock tank pool on a patio with fence and bench and decorative pillows
decorated fence bench with string lights, pillows, lanterns and stock tank pool on patio

By the way, those finials you see on the top were just sitting on the shelf in the shed. They are not attached yet to the top of the fence backing - I'm still trying to decide if I want them to be permanently attached. What do you think? I have no idea where they came from in the first place!

patio with bistro table, stock tank pool and swing
patio lit by string lights
We can't wait to use this space more, especially at night! I can sit out here for hours. Now, time to figure out how to get the well water to jive with the galvanized metal in that stock tank around which this whole fence bench was built! Once the treated wood dries out completely, I may stain it. Still doing research on that. It's a good thing my husband loves me!
Until next week...
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super cute but i like it without the finials :)

Vicki Sulkowski

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