One Tiered Tray Styled Three Different Ways

One Tiered Tray Styled Three Different Ways

A gigantic tiered tray sits atop our kitchen island and it's one of my favorite pieces in the house. I have always loved these and, since our island is nine feet long, it doesn't look out of place like it might on a much smaller surface. There's just something about tiered trays that make me giddy. There are square ones, round ones, three tiers or two, they even have rectangular ones! Some tiered trays are specially designed so that they can be adjusted so that the top tier can go in different locations or rotate on an angle!a Christmas themed tiered tray
Have you ever seen one of those? Well, maybe because you have never seen our tiered tray from our December 2019 Boxed Up DIY Subscription box! We designed it to be that way!!! In fact, the distressed white tiered tray that I show in this post is the one I made for our sample and now I have the privilege of using it in our home.
Last night, I hosted a live sale on my Facebook page. Three different styles came to mind when I set out to create some tiered tray sets. Styling these trays can be fun if you have the right basics and just rotate them out. I've done a patriotic-themed post in which I talk about my favorite items to use on a tiered tray. Let's look at three different spring and summer sets of items on our small white tray...
Style #1: Lemon Fresh

Lemons are all over my Pinterest feed lately. Maybe it's the fact that COVID-19 has taken over and they just feel fresh and clean. But they are calling my name! Thankfully, I already had some decorative (my way of saying "fake") lemons in my stash so I went ahead and rolled with it for the first theme of tiered tray decor for the live sale. Here's that set displayed on the same tray as earlier. I tried to use the same basic style for each theme - mini books, a little sign that stands on it's own, the mini rolling pins, a round little sign and a tea towel rolled up or nearby. A Rae Dunn creamer works well for changing out with different straws for the different options.tiered tray with lemon decor
lemon themed decor on a white tiered tray
Style 2: Bee a Honey

As I mentioned above, Rae Dunn has so many cute pieces and you may just happen across some bee themed items.  I happened to have this one already. TJMaxx and Homegoods often have a variety of pieces like this if you can catch them at the right time - when you can get back to the stores! I noticed after I finished all of my photos that I didn't fix the rolling pins so that you could see they say "Bee Kind!"
bee decorations on a tiered tray on a kitchen counter
Style 3: Old Glory

Red, white and blue makes a big statement on a white tray! I added some little accessories I found in the Target dollar bins over the years (not recently, of course). But I like how one set of five items can be rotated out for the seasons! I can't get enough of the cute little mini rolling pins these days.
patriotic decor used on a kitchen tray
What about my gigantic kitchen island tiered tray, you ask?

I will be making myself some of these items as I check off my live sale wait-list for these items. I tested the lemon set out on my tiered tray and am anxious to get to it!
large tiered tray decorated with lemons and yellow decor
What are you anxious to decorate for summer? Can you believe it's already May 4th? All I wanted to do for Mother's Day is plant some flowers and get my pots all pretty but it's supposed to be super cold here in Pittsburgh... boo on that! Anyway, since I won't be back before then, Happy Mother's Day!
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I love them all!

Michelle Gedeon

I agree, all three sets are adorable. I haven’t done my tiered tray project yet but this has inspired me to make time for it.


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