My Fall Tiered Tray for 2020

My Fall Tiered Tray for 2020

My Fall tiered tray just got a new look! Last night, I decided to try out one of my rectangular tiered trays from our online shop in place of my gigantic existing one. I keep this on our kitchen island which measures a whopping nine feet long. So, it didn't look overly large for the space. But, being so big means it requires a lot of "stuff" to fill it! While it never made anyone in the family complain, it can sometimes block our view of the television in the kitchen when we sit at the island. Today, I thought I'd share with you both of my trays and you can tell me which one you like better!
The "new," rectangular one...

Here's the smaller one all decked out with our Fall tiered tray set. Rae Dunn pieces and some pumpkins and greenery help fill in nicely. tiered tray decorated for Fall
tiered tray fall decor
rectangular tiered tray
Fall tiered tray

The gigantic round one that used to be here...Large Fall Tiered Tray

round tiered tray

round tiered tray decorated for Fall

Here's the same view with both trays.

Which one do you vote for? Large and round or small (relatively speaking) and rectangular? Let me know in the comments below! (Note: the larger one in this set was taken over the summer. I never thought to take one of the Fall items from this view before disassembling and moving to the smaller tray! Oh, and I have since dry brushed the larger one white also!)
summer tiered tray lemon decor
Fall themed tiered tray on kitchen island
Someone once said to me something to the effect that tiered trays are the adult version of dollhouses - so much fun for adults! Do you have a tiered tray? Where do you use it? Maybe you have more than one? I may be guilty of that myself!
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Small would be my preference

Frances Ciccone

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