Mini Sleds - Boxed Up December 2020!

Mini Sleds - Boxed Up December 2020!

For December 2020, we sent out little mini sleds as the Boxed Up project. For those that don't know, Boxed Up is short for My Home Matters Boxed Up which is our monthly DIY home decor subscription project. Every month we send out supplies to make a project and members can choose to use those supplies or switch it up a little and use whatever their heart desires. Each project is unique as a result! If you've seen our small or large sleds in the online shop, or have taken one or our workshops, or done one of our sled kits, you know that these mini sleds are our way of bringing a smaller version of those to our members.
What came in the December 2020 box?

to show the supplies provided in the box to make the mini sleds
  • The wooden sled
  • A set of 5 different stencil options that could be mixed and matched
  • Twine for the cross bar
  • Holly stem
  • Ribbon (style varied between six different designs)
  • Wire
  • Application Sponges
  • House Shaped Ornament and Stencil that said "2020: The Year We All Stayed Home"
  • A project card with QR code that leads you directly to the demonstration videos
  • Unboxing Instructions
What did we show as some options in finished form?small sled in black that says Let it Snow

small DIY wooden sled done in brown and white and gold that says "Believe"
DIY wooden sled done in red lettering that says JOY
First of all, we have a section of the site that explains how to do a white wash background, how to stain in general, and how to apply and paint the stencils. Then, for each individual project, like this one, we then add videos specific to the project. Aside from the vides for the mini sleds, we had a reverse painting technique used for the ornament. There are just so many options! Here are a couple of member photos that have already come in! (And more are in the next section, too.)
Mini sled done in black and white buffalo check that says JOY

There are so many uses for these little cuties, too!

Use these mini sleds on a fireplace hearth, propped up on a counter, under or beside your tree, on a porch, or lay flat like I did for mine on our coffee table. The options, again, are endless! We have so much fun thinking up these projects and then even more fun when the finished results start coming in to the private Facebook group!entry way showing a mini DIY wooden sled propped up by the front door

DIY wooden mini sled displayed on coffee table with candles on top

And what about those little ornaments? We've gotten some of those in to the group already, too!

Finally, if you'd like to see how I use sleds of all sizes, check out this post from 2019!

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