Kids' Bath Updates - Part II (The Full Reveal!)

Kids' Bath Updates - Part II (The Full Reveal!)

I'm back this week to share the full reveal of the kids' bath updates! I put a couple of full weekends into this project plus some evenings but we kept the cost to around $750. So let's get started! You can also watch the quick video of the before and after here!

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

First, let's talk wallpaper because that's what I've gotten the most questions about on social media. I chose this pattern from the Magnolia line through Target.

to show the wood tone mirror against the black and white floral wallpaper

to show the bathroom wallpaper, black vanity and painted tile floor

I just love the pattern and the neutrality of it. Dreariness is what I felt before! Plus it brightens things up so much, right? It was a bit tricky to work around all of the "things" in this room. The toilet wasn't an issue since the bead board goes up higher. What made it harder was was cutting off evenly above the shower opening and matching the pattern with every new run. It means there is a good bit of waste, unfortunately. At this price point, that's kind of a bummer. So I need to get creative with how I can use the extra pieces!

The Mirror

Next, I found this mirror while walking through Target after I had already ordered another online. Once I had both in my possession, I held them up and determined that the Target one was the absolutely perfect fit. After all, it had to go directly up against the trim piece of the bead board on one side and it had to line up with the other side of the sink as well. The other option I had ordered (see my Instagram story highlights to follow this entire process) would have stuck out almost 2 inches on the right side. Not only that, but the mirror also had to be centered under the light. Well, I don't know if it HAD to but I wouldn't be able to let it go if it didn't. The Threshold brand French Country Wall Mirror couldn't have been more perfect in both width and height!

to show a large wooden mirror hanging over a bathroom vanity in a newly updated bathroom


The Light Fixture

If you were watching my Instagram stories when the picking of the lighting was going on, you know I wanted black. You also might remember that I found the style I wanted at Lowe's but it wasn't black. As luck would have it, the night I went into Home Depot to get the floor paint mentioned in last week's post, I found one I liked even better in black! Admittedly, I was torn between a style that had both black and glass but ultimately kept being drawn to this fixture.

to show the wooden mirror used in a renovated bathroom

I like the contrast of the fixture with the wallpaper but also with the wood on the mirror. The ease with which we can change out the bulbs is also helpful. And the icing on the cake is that it takes regular bulbs. (Yes, we need to grab a new toilet seat since the child proof latch piece from when the kids were little will not come off!)

The Window Valance Sign

to show a sign being used as a window valance

I did a super fast reel on Instagram of me making this sign. A couple of years ago, I made a "window valance sign" for over our master bathroom tub. When I go in that room, it makes me happy as a focal point you see right away. Ever since making that one, I had this saying in mind for in here.

Other Pieces in the Room

So, to warm up the space a little, I wanted to make sure there were some wood tones. In fact, I'm still considering making an attempt to add wood planks on the ceiling. That's another reason why the mirror was perfect! But I also found a storage side table piece at TJMaxx that I thought would hold rolled up clean towels. However, after thinking the practicality of that out... I went with stuffing it with toilet paper instead. No more "Mom! Can you get me a new roll of toilet paper?"

In addition, the two boys that will be most using this bathroom never seem to have working arms and legs when it comes time to hang their towels back up after showering. Quite frankly, someone yells more requesting a towel than they do for toilet paper. So, I figured it was better to have an extra towel or two within arm's reach. If I put the clean towels inside the storage piece, I didn't see it being a quick process should one of the boys need to open it up while wet and inside the shower. Or, maybe I SHOULD make it difficult for them. I mean, it's their own lazy fault for leaving their wet towel on the floor of their room from the last shower time, right?

to show a storage table holding toilet paper in a newly renovated bathroom

Similar in tones, the wall shelf unit also has black metal paired with wood tones. Go watch my Instagram story highlights to see when Mr. My Home Matters discovered I had hung them upside down at first! I also used one of our monthly subscription box projects (aka My Home Matters Boxed Up) on top of the toilet. This project was from 2019 but it's wood tones go well with the shelves.

to show up close pink flowers on a farmhouse bathroom shelf

I did forget, until I was proofreading this post that I forgot to finish touching up behind the mirror before taking the photos! (We patched and filled the part of the wall where the cabinet came out and I still need to finish the touch up behind there!)

to show farmhouse shelves hung about a toilet in a renovated bathroom


One last project and what we did with the old vanity cabinets...

The vanity was white to begin with and it just felt so cold and sterile with the rest of the kids' bath updates. A little black paint warmed it up a little and made it pop against the walls and wallpaper. As a bonus, it also gave it some contrast against the countertop. I do wish we could have added a new faucet but it's not in the budget right now. Maybe a little later we can update that (and replace the sink stopper while we're at it)!

to show a painted black vanity cabinet with black hardware


As for the old vanity and cabinet... rather than selling on Marketplace or giving to Goodwill, I decided to donate to Joey's PAW! My friend, Tanya, started this organization and PAW stands for Prosthetics and Wheels. They help get dogs and other animals that have had a rough time of it in life fitted with the proper gear to get them moving again properly. It's a fantastic organization run by fantastic volunteers. They are having a spring yard sale fundraiser event and Tanya will be collecting many of the household items I have been saving up for the last several months to use in the fundraiser. I will donate the old vanity cabinet and wicker cabinet that was above the toilet as just two of the items. For more information about their fundraiser, follow them on Instagram or Facebook!

What's your bathroom style?

The style in this room, I would say, is kind of the modern farmhouse vibe. The difference in lighting is amazing between the mirror and the wallpaper. It feels happy to go in there now. But I am on the lookout for a couple of pops of color that I can use on a daily basis when I swap out the pinky/red Valentine hand towel and faux flowers. What's your dream bathroom look like?







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