Interchangeable HOME Sign - January 2021

Interchangeable HOME Sign - January 2021

For our January Boxed Up project, we sent out supplies to make this adorable interchangeable HOME sign. For those that don't know, Boxed Up is short for My Home Matters Boxed Up which is our monthly DIY home decor subscription project. Every month we send out supplies to make a project and members can choose to use those supplies or switch it up a little and use whatever their heart desires. Each project is unique as a result!
What came in the January 2021 box?
  • 6x18 unfinished wooden background
  • 12 different wooden pieces to change out each month
  • The letters H, M, and E plus round for the O
  • Paint pens - red, gold, black and white
  • Polka dot box for storage
  • Hanging hook
  • Application Sponges
  • Three detail brushes
  • Velcro Dots
  • A project card with QR code that leads you directly to the demonstration videos
  • Unboxing Instructions
What did we show as some options in finished form?

One sample we showed kept the letter untouched on a stained background. The little pieces can be decorated however members want to do so. The other sample we showed was the reverse! And, clearly the letters can be attached either vertically or horizontally.
interchangeable home sign

interchangeable home sign


We can't wait to see what our members come up with for their finished projects! This project was sent late due to holiday shipping issues and a lots box of supplies. I will come back and edit once those photos start coming in! Did you catch last month's project? Here are a couple of the sled project from December!

If you'd like to join us inside our monthly subscription group because you love home decor and you love DIY, look no further! Simply check out our page for more information. We accept new members each month between the 1st and the 10th. If you happen upon this outside of that interval, sign up to be on the wait list and we'll let you know if a spot opens up before next month! We provide the video tutorials (which would be me showing how to do the projects). Inside each month's box, along with the supplies, members can find a project insert. All you have to do is scan the QR code and you'll be taken immediately to the tutorials!
We also have a private Facebook community in which members share their projects and we play a weekly game of HOUSE (Bingo)!
We have so much fun with these projects! Which of the monthly shapes is your favorite from this month? Check out our online shop for lots of other projects and home decor pieces outside of this membership!

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