Hanging Christmas Door Trees!

Hanging Christmas Door Trees!

Hanging Christmas Door Trees? Say what?

Those of you who follow me on Facebook have seen me post about these if you've been with me for a while. I have even done a short live video of my boys decorating their hanging door trees. For those who are fortunate enough to have large kids' bedrooms, you may have room for a small tree for them to decorate with their own special ornaments. But, if you are like us, space is at a premium and you need all the space you can get in those rooms! So, several years back, we came across a tutorial for how to make these cute door trees!
hanging Christmas tree on a bedroom door
Every year, we hang these on the three kids' doors and one of my favorite memories every year is when I watch them each open their bins of ornaments and reminisce over when they got it and the memories behind each one. They think back about a trip to Disney or how that one ornament got broken. They start singing the song that plays from the battery operated Handy Manny holding his tool box.
picture of a boy opening a Christmas  ornament
I always try to get the kids at least one ornament each year - something that makes them remember what they were into for that phase of their life so it's fun to watch them "Remember that year when I loved the Seattle Seahawks?! What was I thinking?" Honestly, it makes me tear up every year because it's something they usually do together and that means they are ALL remembering the story behind each other's ornaments. Surprisingly, they can't wait to see what I get them each year. I just love watching them decorate their hanging door trees.
boy hanging ornaments on his Christmas tree girl hanging ornaments on a Christmas tree
kids christmas trees that hang on a door kids lighted Christmas Trees that hang on bedroom doors

Add some sparkle!

I like to add battery operated lights to our hanging door trees to make it more fun at night and add more glow to the hallway. To store them, I cover them with a large clear trash bag and hang them (they already are attached to an over-the-door hanger) on nails we pounded into the roof rafters of the attic! If you had shelves and the space where you could store them flat, that would work as well.
Watch the tutorial for making this hanging door trees HERE. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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Really cool idea! Love the idea of decorating with their own special ornaments.

Cammy Nichols

I have loved these since first saw them on your kids doors. What a wonderful idea.

Lucille Bienemann

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