Five Ways to Store Your Tiered Tray Sets

Five Ways to Store Your Tiered Tray Sets

Do you like to decorate your tiered tray and have several tiered tray sets? I have done posts about My Favorite Items to Use on a Tiered Tray as well as A Christmas Themed Tiered Tray and, finally, One Tiered Tray Styled Three Different Ways. Tiered Tray DIY Kits are our most popular sellers! But where do you store yours? I'm going to give you five suggestions today so let's get right to it!
1. Magazine Holders

Since we sell over 35 tiered tray themed sets in the online shop, I have almost one of each of them! It never fails that, when I sell my last set, then I update and revise that set and wish I had one set left to take pictures and make social media posts with. For that reason, I have started saving one complete set of almost all of them. That means I need a LOT of storage! What I am currently using are magazine holders. I have a couple of different types, but you can find some inexpensively via Amazon (or sometimes the Target Dollar Spot or Dollar Tree). I have these white metal ones from IKEA (but when I got them they were WAY less expensive than they are now. Unfortunately, isn't that the case with almost everything these days? I have the metal ones on a shelf where you see them, labeled by theme.
The cardboard ones are on their side inside a repurposed dining server that has two storage cabinets with a shelf in each. I also use the middle drawers for more.

2. Plastic Shoe Bins or Nice Paper or Cardboard Boxes...

You can also fit our tiered tray sets (for the most part) inside plastic shoe storage bins available at Target or Walmart, or similar stores. Sometimes, if you have extra add on pieces, this might be a little tight but it's a start! They stack nicely if the lid snaps on fully so you can store a lot in a small space. I have these bins from IKEA (they are pretty old thus discontinued) which are cardboard but have built in labels. I could fit two sets in one of these if I wanted to. And they match the magazine holders on the same shelf and break up the space a bit. See? Storage can be both functional and good looking!
3. Fabric Bins on a Cube Shelf

Since I have depleted my "shop corner" in the finished basement of our home now that I no longer offer finished pieces, I found a great storage option for small pieces. All I have left in the finished section of the shop, for the most part, are finished tiered tray bundles. Using a cube shelf (these are from Target) and some clearance priced fabric bins, I can easily have hidden storage. These bins fit a lot! To maximize storage, you would want to get bins that fit the entire cube. Ikea and Walmart also sell versions of these cube shelves along with bins that fit.

4. In an Unused or Spare Room Drawer or Closet...

Storage is always at a premium in our homes, right? But you could also use zipper bags and organize the main pieces all the same way in each bag, then lay or arrange them in a dresser drawer, or on a closet shelf.
5. Use other pieces of furniture that might have out-served it's purpose somewhere else...

Granted, I am not using this piece for shoes OR for tiered trays right now. love these shoe units from IKEA! Currently, it is storing my cutting boards that are in the shop. It's perfect for the large layering boards!

I am partial to the magazine holders now that I've got that system in place because I can also fit shelf sitters that pair with the set in them also. What is your favorite way to store your themed tiered tray items?

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Currently I am storing my tiered tray sets in 2 different spots ( both mentioned in your article )

I have some in an old dresser in our downstairs spare bedroom and I have the rest in the decorative storage boxes in our mud room cubbies.
Thanks for the other ideas !!! Always looking for ways to expand my collection !

Rita Ostapchenko

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