Five Tips for Styling Wooden Decor

Five Tips for Styling Wooden Decor

Sometimes, the hardest thing for the folks who purchase our DIY kits to do is style them! Styling wooden decor may not seem daunting but, for some. But, I am going to give you five tips that will hopefully help!

1. Pair with greenery.

Whether it is real or faux, pairing wooden pieces, including signs, need softening. It's all about adding different textures and dimensions. Greenery adds both! If you are like me and have difficulty keeping living plants alive, consider easy plants. I prefer Philodendrons. I know some people love spider plants because they are easy, too. However, if you've been down that road one too many times and just can't keep the poor things alive, consider faux. Greenery that can be found in our shop looks very realistic and I use a ton of it in my home!

to show wooden calendar blocks paired with greenery and wooden beads

to show a toolbox filled with greenery and lemons

to show a blanket ladder adorned by a green wreath

to show several wooden cutting boards hanging on a mug rack and adorned by a wooden bead wreath

2. Pair with a textile.

Another way to style your wood decor pieces is by adding textiles. So by textile, this could be something covered in fabric or jute, or burlap, or something made of wicker. Round wicker shelf sitters (aka decorative balls), a soft gnome, a tea towel or even a set of beads that has a twine/jute/yarn tassle that can drape over the wooden piece work well. If the wooden piece is on the smaller side, rest it inside a wicker tray. The point is, think texture.

to show faux wooden books decorated with soft fall pumpkins

to show a mini ladder decorated with tea towels and greenery

3. Add some shimmer and shine!

Another good pairing would be items made of glass or metal. They might not be soft in nature, but they still fill the need for adding different textures and dimensions. Try pairing with a vase or mug with straws (or greens) resting inside. You could even use a ceramic bird or animal. Remember, combining wood with these other textures will keep the wooden pieces from feeling overly rustic or one-dimensional.

to show a mantel with wooden window, glass vases, wooden beads and sugar mold filled with greenery

to show a glass vase with yellow stems sitting on a wooden dough bowl

to show greenery and pottery mixed with wood pieces

4. Layer up!

If you want to display wooden items on top of a wooden shelf or table top, consider adding something soft underneath. For instance, you could rest your items on top of a table runner or tea towel or placemat. Wooden trays always look great displayed on a blanket with a glass candle, small vase with stems or some books. All of those items have varying textures and provide visual interest when paired together!

to show tea towels laying on a wooden raised board

to show green moss bunnies as a centerpiece on a dining table

5. Create a little "niche."

Look how beautiful this little area, also known as a niche, is that Carolyn created from @cottagemillfarm! The wooden stool paired with the flowers, the terracotta pot, the beads and the ribbon. And, don't forget the toolbox and greenery! She even has a metal candlestick and white candle in the center. As I use her photo as an example, remember that, just because you have one item with wood, it doesn't mean you can't pair it with other wood items also. Carolyn's photo is the perfect case in point! She not only has the stool, but also toolbox AND a wooden dough bowl. The key is to make sure there are enough of the other "softening" items to balance it all out.

Tiered Trays are a great place to work on incorporating all of these tips. Check out this blog post on my favorite items to use for tiered trays!

to show a tiered tray with green and yellow decor pieces

to show a blanket ladder incorporating green canvas and yellow floral stems

Challenge yourself!

Challenge yourself to try some of these tips, especially if you are feeling stuck with how to style your wood decor pieces! Whether you are a subscriber to one of our monthly home decor DIY boxes or if you have done one of our DIY kits from our online shop, or can apply these tips!


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