Five Easter Tablescapes plus a Bonus!

Five Easter Tablescapes plus a Bonus!

I dont' know what it is about Easter tablescapes but I have so much fun with them! Last season, I decided to do five days of Easter tablescapes. I'm planning to do more this year, but first I thought I'd show you these! Keep in mind that I do not have enough of all of the items in each photo to decorate a full table. Rather, I collect a little bit each year so that I can mix and match what I have to create something new. One thing you may not know about me if you've just stumbled upon my page is that my table means the world to me.
My dad, Clarence Olen Colvin built my table. He's built many pieces of furniture but this was his first, and only, dining room table. It comes complete with two 18-inch leaves and has two pedestals for the base. My dad passed away late May 2018. I will keep the tradition of table scaping for as long as I possibly can! I just love it!
Easter Table Scape #1

easter places setting with a chocolate bunny and decorative Easter eggs
I took a matching set of blue plates and paired them with a neutral napkin and placemat. I added some texture and dimenion with the ratan brown charger. Then, I topped it off with a little burlap sack found in the Michael's dollar bins for the utensils. I'm big on adding some pop of greenery so in to the little sack went a sprig of artificial boxwood I found in the form of a long garland at Ikea.
For the centerpiece, I used my sugar mold that my sister got me from an antique shop in Texas. Little decorative eggs and some easter basket filler work perfectly in that piece! Finally, I'm partial to mixing more casual pieces with my more elegant wedding crystal so you'll see that in many of the photos.
Easter Tablescape #2

yellow and pink plates with Easter bunnies and eggs and tulips on a dining table
Bold and bright was my goal for this arrangement! I had some pink flower shaped chargers and started layering yellows, pinks and whites. Tulips are my favorite so I had to make sure I got some of those in as well.
Easter Tablescape #3

boxwood wreaths and little birds' nests on an Easter place setting on a dining room table
Earthy tones make up this look. I just can't get enough of how so many individual pieces can be mixed together to make so many different looks! The dinnerward in this photo is one of the items of which I do have enough for an entire table. I have a set of bright white dinnerware (see the former photo) that we use on a daily basis. Then, a few years ago, I invested in this set of off white by Pioneer Woman. I love this set! It seems that I use this more for large parties and my white more for small. No particular reason - that' just how it has played out so far. The little nests with eggs came from Joann a couple of years ago. Oh, and the real preserved boxwood wreaths were leftover from our Boxed Up projects.
Easter Tablescape #4

Pastel Easter table setting with decorative Easter eggs
This one got the most votes last year during my Five Days of Easter Place Settings. We still set a place for Dad and we always will. I like the simplicity of this one while still having it feel the bunny theme. The toolbox you can sort of see in the center is used a lot of times throughout the year. I found it at Homegoods (I've had it for a while) but I painted it white and distressed. The round chargers came from Target and actually have a Christmas tree on the top of them but it's easy to hide them! So I am able to use them all year round, if need be. And the bunny ears are super easy to make with a napkin.
Easter bunny tea towel and eggs used in a dining table place settingFor this option, I chose to use a tea towel as the napkin. I only had two of these, so this would not be something with which I could decorate an entire table BUT you could do something like this on the two ends to make them different! These particular charges came from Kirkland's. I like to buy chargers during off seasons when they happen to go on sale or clearance. I never buy them regular price!
Easter Tablescape #6 (BONUS)!

tulips, boxwood wreaths, decorated eggs and bunnies on a dining room table
For this final bonus table scape which happened to be the one I used for Easter Sunday last year, I grabbed my lacey neutral placemats and decided to go with the earthy tones. Since the bunny ear napkins were so popular with my social media posts, I decided to mix it up and do every other one.
dining room table decorated for Easter with bunnies, tulips and eggsThis year, I found some gray lacey placements - a color I typically never purchase for my own home. A lot has changed around here - new paint color on the walls and new shiplap wallpaper. My excitement is growing to try some new things out and, hopefully, Dad will approve. Which of these was your favorite!
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