Eight Ways to Incorporate a Tall Sign in Your Home or Outdoor Decor

Eight Ways to Incorporate a Tall Sign in Your Home or Outdoor Decor

Eight Ways to Incorporate a Tall Sign in Your Home or Outdoor Décor
Tall signs are super popular these days, particularly on a porch beside a front door. But there are so many other ways to use them and since this is the time of year that we host workshops to make these, I thought I’d show you some neat ways people have used them in their homes!
1.On a Porch – Of Course!
Lean them right beside the door or tuck one in a corner flanked by a fern in the summer or nice mum or pumpkins in the fall!


Try layering your sign in front of a big toboggan or other large sleigh. Add some greens or burlap or ribbon or twine around the top for added character. Stay tuned for a future blog post on how to create the weathered and worn background I created from a brand new piece of wood!
2. Beside a Christmas Tree
These signs look so nice beside a festive Christmas Tree! Check out some of the Let there Be Peace on Earth signs our BOXED UP members did this past December using the bonus stencil they received in their subscription box (pssst – we’ll be accepting new subscribers into our Boxed Up membership in September! If you’d like to learn more or get on our waitlist, simply click here!) I just love the look of these signs by the tree with the twinkling lights. And there are so many options for coloring – endless options to suit your own taste!

3. On a Staircase Landing!
Can you see it? I can see it. Just imagine… a beautiful staircase that, after one set of steps, you land and then turn to go up another set. That landing spot is the perfect place to add a tall sign! I couldn’t find a photo to show what I have in my head for this BUT I can see it! Lean a sign in the corner and then couple it with some festive baskets with a pillow and blanket inside or a plant or other seasonal décor! Unfortunately, I do not have stairs like this, but hopefully you can visualize it, too!
4. In a Corner!

Oh, and I forgot to mention that these signs are so easily reversible! Why not maximize your options so that you can have double the fun? Here is the same sign as above flipped around for a patriotic look.

5. On a Wall – Now That’s a Novel Idea!
You may need special brick screws to hang like this one but it’s such a nice way to make the outside of your home feel as “homey” as the inside. Your guests will feel that when they arrive at your door!

But why stop at hanging on the outside? You could easily add hooks to a single sided sign that you want to adorn the inside of your home instead.
6. In an Entry Way or Foyer
This one not only greets guests that enter, but it also happens to be a corner – a lonely little corner that was begging for something to make it more exciting!

Personally, I also do not have a foyer that is any wider than our front door so I do not have space for this but isn’t this photo I found on Pinterest such a cute option for an entry way? I mean how wonderful of a landing space for your guests when they arrive, right?

7. On or By a Fireplace
If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, or a hearth such as this, these warm up the space so nicely. The wood against the texture of the brick or stone paired with seasonal flowers or pillows and baskets – oh it’s just so much textureeeeeee goodness!

8. Outdoors
Finally, the last of my suggestions for decorating with a tall sign like this is incorporating them into spaces that might be just outside of cover. You do need to make sure you research the proper options for sealing the signs against the elements but if you do it correctly, you can enjoy them there as well.

I just love how our Boxed Up member and fellow blogger, Yvonne Velez (Living the Cozy Life), added the snowy effect on this sign!

Do you have a tall sign like this somewhere inside or outside of your home? Where do you use yours? Check out some of our past workshop attendee projects… this is just a few of them… and we’ve added like ten times the number of designs since then so we have TONS of options! 
We also offer our pre-designed stencils right here on our website!

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