DIY Grapevine Bunny Wreath

DIY Grapevine Bunny Wreath

Last weekend, while searching my stash of door decor, I decided it was time for a fresh new project! And, since we recently introduced two new tiered tray sets (a carrot theme and a flower theme) in the online shop, my inspiration was bunnies... and flowers! So I made this bunny wreath. You can also watch the video here if you prefer!
Supplies needed:
  • heart shaped grapevine wreath (I got this one at Michael's)
  • 14" grapevine wreath (Michael's)
  • wire cutters
  • scissors
  • bundles of flowers  (I used these three from Michael's: yellow roses, pink/white daisies (no link available online - sorry!), and pink tulips)
  • greens and longer, more lanky flowers, if desired. (for my longer flowers, I chose to use a bundle from our online shop called Tempest Blooms)
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • thin wire (silver or green work well)
Attach the wreaths together.

First, weave it in and around the round wreath as well as up and through the heart wreath. No fancy technique has to be used! Just attach them together as best you can. If you need another piece of wire, you can always add it! Do this where both sides of the heart meet the round wreath. I felt my ears looked best when the point came down into the circle a bit. Try to make the two wreaths attach in a way such that the point isn't down so far that flowers won't be able to mask it once they are attached. Once you have attached the two together, you should have what looks like a bunny wreath!
Lay out your flowers and greens.

The nest step is to lay out your flowers and greens to be sure you like the end result. To do this, first I clipped the flowers off the stems leaving about 1/2" to 1" of stem. That little "stub" could be wedged into the grapevine wreath. For the longer more delicate stems like the tulips, greens and Tempest Blooms, I tried to tuck them in as best possible just temporarily. If you are daring and trust yourself, you could skip this step and go straight to the next. I, however, wanted to see what the end result would look like (for the most part) first!


Start attaching!

Now it's time to start attaching the flowers to the grapevine wreath. I used a combination of wire and hot glue for this, as shown in the video. If the piece wasn't easy to "wedge" in to the grapevine wreath or I was worried it might fall out down the road, I used wire. By that I mean, I laid wire across the front and wrapped it around the back and twisted it like a twist tie. It's not very hard to conceal the wire by working it in behind the petals of the leaves. As for the pieces that had stems left on them, I pulled them out, added a good bit of hot glue on the back right around where the stem meets the back and pressed it right back in.
Take your time and be sure to put flowers on the grapevine wreath that will hide the point of the heart wreath, too!

Final touches...

Just to be safe, adding more hot glue between the two wreaths where you attached them before could add more stability. I did choose to add another piece of connecting wire in the middle. As for hanging, I waited until I was ready to hang it on the door and noticed my normal door hanger was not low enough. So, instead of using the door hanger, I hung a clear command hook, and tied some twine in a small circle with a double knot on the back of the wreath. You will have to play around with placement of that based on where you want it to hang on your door. My front door happens to have mullions that I had to work around for the placement of the command hooks, so the twine hanger had to be matched with that.
The final result!

I hope you liked this project. Please let me know if you try making one!

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Love your cheery bunny on that bright and beautiful yellow door! How inviting to all!
It clearly states, “Welcome SPRINGTIME!”

Pat Newtz

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