Check Out Our February Box

Check Out Our February Box

Before I talk about our February box, did you know the Roman Empire originally followed an eight-day week and then replaced it with a seven-day week? This system used the planets to create the days of the week. The days are named after the Sun for Sunday, Moon for Monday, Mars for Tuesday, Mercury for Wednesday, Jupiter for Thursday, Venus for Friday, and Saturn for Sunday. I mean the concept of keeping time has been around since... well... the beginning of time.

So why I am talking about the days of the week and time?

Because it is the theme behind our February Boxed Up project. Let me introduce the Wooden Perpetual Block Calendar, and Raised Clipboard. We specifically curated this combo for our subscribers. They have been hinting at a project such as the wooden calendar for quite some time!

What is Boxed Up?

First of all, if you are new to My Home Matters, you might be asking yourself what is Boxed Up. Boxed Up is the short version, or nickname, for My Home Matters Boxed Up. My Home Matters Boxed Up practically named itself simply because DIY home decor wanted to make it's way into people's homes. Craft night in pajamas? Heck yes, if you want to! With the start of Covid, crafty (and even the not-as-crafty) folks longed for things to occupy their time. Therefore, the appeal of our DIY kits became even more so for that reason. Every month, my team and I send "box up" supplies needed to make a DIY home décor project. Members choose how to use those supplies...from color choices to having a variety of stencils and more. Check out what we have to offer you as an exclusive Boxed Up member.  Each project brings as much uniqueness as each one of our subscribers!

How to use this project...

So, back to this current month's project, this duo could be utilized together or separately depending upon how you choose to showcase them. The Wooden Perpetual Block Calendar sits well in a home office, the kitchen, a bedroom, or as a gift for someone. Pair it with the Raised Clipboard which can be used as a photo holder, a place to hold your word for the year, your favorite bible verse, or recipe cards. As you see, our projects provide many options!

What came in this month's box?

This box contained the following items:

  • 2 number blocks
  • 3 blocks for the months
  • 1 wooden holder
  • 3 blocks for the days
  • 1 2.25 inch wood round
  • 1 black clip/screw
  • stencils for numbers, days of the week, and months of the year
  • makeup sponges
  • sandpaper square
  • super glue mini
  • a HOUSE card
  • a project flyer

to show wood pieces that come in a DIY sign kit

But wait! There's more!

Not only do you get the physical box items but you get so much more. You also get access to a tutorial video for your project. Icing on the cake is the amazingly talented and caring group of Boxed Up subscribers active in our private Facebook Group. Each month, this group shares their completed projects for inspiration and the chance to win bonus items in their next box. We also play HOUSE (aka bingo) on a weekly basis for additional chances to win bonus items. Most importantly, it is a great opportunity to interact with others who enjoy DIY and styling their home décor! We love our little Boxed Up community!

How did I complete my project?

In addition, I provide a finished example or two of the project that can be seen in the monthly flyer. Here is one of the samples I shared. With this project, you could stain, paint, or distressed your wood pieces. I stained my calendar in black and then lightly distressed the pieces. As for the raised clipboard, I stained it black then painted it white and finished it by lightly distressing it.

to show calendar blocks hand painted in a black finish with a DIY memo board with clip painted in a white finish


Our Favorite Part of Boxed Up

Our favorite part of Boxed Up has to be seeing our members' completed projects. In fact, some finished their wooden calendar and raised clipboards already and here are a few of them:

a collage of photos showing someone completing a diy home decor sign kit a perpetual calendar blocks set paired with a diy memo board done in a stained brown finish


Want to start on a smaller scale?

Finally, are you not sure if you can handle a monthly project? Happiness is HOMEmade might be just for you! Projects still arrive monthly at your door but it's a lower price point (and a smaller scale project). Your confidence will grow while also learning techniques and tips! Find out more about Happiness is HOMEmade here.

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