BOXED UP - The November Box Reveal

BOXED UP - The November Box Reveal

I can't believe it's time for the November box reveal! This month, in our My Home Matters Boxed Up subscription box, we got everyone's head spinning with possible ideas! Let me show you what was included this month!

The base...

The base for this DIY project is a 12-inch wooden round.

The stencils...

This box included several stencils, such as:
  • Let's Eat
  • Cheers
  • Gather, Eat, Laugh
  • Together
  • Bless the food before us, the family beside us and the love between us.
  • Monogram initial

The accessories...

To add more options to November box project, here are the other items that came with it!
  • 3-inch turning mechanism
  • screws
  • 2 tray handles
  • 4 "bun feet"
  • application sponges
  • 6 inch wood round to serve as the base

The possibilities...

With the items in this November box, members were able to choose whether they wanted to make a "lazy susan" turntable or a stationary raised platter of sorts. In addition, they could make a sign or just a plain tray and they can add handles to any of the versions they choose. Our goal with My Home Matters BOXED UP is to provide a project with many outcome possibilities. We know that everyone has different tastes and styles! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we will be sharing some of our member outcomes very soon!

farmhouse style round platter with a K painted on it
If you are interested in joining our monthly subscription box membership so that you, too, can receive one of our mystery DIY home decor projects every month, simply click HERE for more details! to show several lazy susan trays that can be made from one diy project
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