January 2024 Boxed Up Reveal: Leaning Tower of Tiles

January 2024 Boxed Up Reveal: Leaning Tower of Tiles

January 2024 is starting out with a bang with this "leaning tower of tiles" shiplap framed sign! Three adorable little winter themed three dimensional signs pop in and out of the openings easily. But, we purposely worked with our wood crafting partner on this design so that the openings fit our own interchangeable mini sign tiles as well! Now you can mix and match different tiles for all year long!

Members received the following items in their boxes:

  • 3-opening planked base/frame
  • 3 backer pieces
  • 1 tile with snow hat pieces
  • 1 tile with snowflake and frame
  • 1 tile with hot cocoa mug and pieces
  • 1 mini glue
  • 2 application sponges
  • 6 hook and loop strips

Ways to Use this Kit:

Of course this kit can be all inclusive in that the three winter tiles that come with it can be used for the winter season. However, we love versatility and options so we made sure that our interchangeable tiles could also be utilized. What does that mean? It means that all of our mini tiles from our online shop will also fit inside these openings so that it can be used for all seasons! Here are just a few options incorporating some coordinating tiles... 


To change the tiles out, simply use the hole in the back to push the tile off of the hook and loop strip and voila! So easy! 


Interested in checking out the tile options we have in our online shop? You can do that here. We have tons of options and themes!


You can grab one of our extras (while supplies last) of this box or run, don't walk, to subscribe so that you are guaranteed a box every month! We also have quarterly memberships (this option is only open for sign ups in January, April, July and October) if you're not quite ready for a project every month!


You can also watch the replay of the live unboxing of this box here!

What are you waiting for? Come join us for your monthly (or quarterly) dose of DIY therapy!

Happy Crafting!





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