Date Night DIY Valentine's Kits 2024

Date Night DIY Valentine's Kits 2024

It's that time of year already... time to switch gears and start thinking about Valentine's Day! We have the cutest little Date Night DIY kits available that I debuted on my Facebook page last week. These little signs make the perfect opportunity for you to get together with your significant other for some quality time creating! Or... maybe you like to craft with a special grandchild or kiddo. These work well for any duo! If you'd like to watch the kits being made, you can do so in the video I've inserted below that is just a tweaked version of my Facebook live. 



Each kit comes with an unfinished background panel that can be used on the "framed" side or the flat side. I chose to do mine on the framed side, which is actually the back. 

Kit 1: The Puzzle Piece Kit

With this kit, you are getting a stencil for the saying at the top and another for the scroll and hearts at the bottom. Two puzzle pieces and an interlocking heart complete your 3-dimensional look. Add your monogram initial to the puzzle pieces, or leave them off... it's your call! The fun thing about these kits is that you can do your own colors (maybe one puzzle piece is red and the other pink, or one is stained and one is natural, like my sample). Make your background whatever color you'd like and, if you are using the framed side, choose a stain or a paint. Some might want the frame. You are simply going to paint or stain each piece and background according to your liking and then use super glue or wood glue to attach the puzzle pieces to the background. To complete the stenciling, you can watch a quick tutorial on how to use our one-time use stencils here


Kit 2: The Stick Arm People Kit

How adorable is this sign? After painting or staining all of your pieces and background, you are going to want to lay everything out and get a feel for where you'll be applying your stencils first. You've got stencils for the legs (don't they look like music notes?), arms that hold hands (lovingly referred to as looking like cotton swabs by one of our Facebook followers!), and individual arms. It would be best to paint your arm and leg stencils before gluing on your heads and bodies.

This kit comes with two pink, two red and two burlap bows so that you can make the hair and bowtie match, or mix and match them. Maybe you want one body to be pink and one to be red! Do what floats your stick people boat!

You can grab your Date Night DIY Kits here. But wait, there's more! These signs can be reversible! Want to see what I did on the other side of my signs? Hop on over to watch this Facebook Live to check it out!

Pinterest pin showing two signs: one of a stick arm couple holding hands with a saying that says "Better Together" and the other of two puzzle pieces joined by a heart.

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