Create from our Maker's Market Collection

Create from our Maker's Market Collection

The possibilities are endless when it comes to our Maker's Market Collection in providing you with options to create your own DIY home decor. This past week, Laura made an interchangeable 8x16 inches wood wall hanging complete with three black metal hooks. The wall hanging contains three of her mini signs from our Mini Tiles from our Summer 2004 Printables Collection. A fun fact about our Mini Tiles is that they are interchangeable plus we have a tile for about every occasion and season. 
Create Your Own

Behind with your background, for this project I used our 8x16 wood background. This would allow for the use of three Mini Tiles. I choose to stain mine in Early American MiniWax Stain because it compliments a majority of my home decor. You can stain, paint, or both with a white wash or distressed technique.

You can check out my My Home Matters YouTube page for how to videos on any of the background staining or painting techniques.

Pick your three favorite Interchangeable Mini Tile designs. We have several stencil designs and printables for available for you. I choose to use the printables from our Summer 2024 Collection. There are endless opportunities for your home decor since we have a design for your seasonal, holiday and everyday needs.

After you have obtained your pack of hooks, lay it all out to determine how you want your finished piece to look. Sometimes I like to measure for the center and use some math to neatly align my tiles and hooks. Other times, I just wing it for the most part!

Congratulations! You have created a stunning decor piece that is functional and interchangeable. Watch me here as I make the sign shown above!


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