Celebrate with Our Unique DIY Patriotic Products

Celebrate with Our Unique DIY Patriotic Products

As the season of red, white, and blue approaches, there's no better way to celebrate than by adorning your home with patriotic decor. Let's parade through our patriotic products, perfect for adding a touch of national pride to your space. From mini reversible blocks to wooden firecrackers, our DIY home decor kits have something for everyone. Let's march into the details of each unique item that will make your celebrations extra special!

Tiered Tray 

Our DIY tiered tray kits come with everything need to complete your patriotic decor needs and more. These pieces can be styled all together or broken up in clusters to enjoy in various parts of your home. This kit would make a stunning centerpiece option as well.

Mini Reversible Blocks

Our DIY mini reversible blocks are a versatile addition to your patriotic decor. Each block set features two designs, allowing you to switch up your decor effortlessly. One side showcases a festive, patriotic design, perfect for July 4th, while the other side can be used for everyday decor. These blocks are perfect for mantels, shelves, or as part of a table centerpiece.

Mini Garland

Nothing says celebration like a beautifully crafted garland. Our mini garland features vibrant red, white, and blue colors, adorned with stars and stripes. And... bonus! It is reversible! We provide your with several design options from which to choose to complete your mini garland.

Mini Tags

Add a charming touch to your gifts or home decor with our mini tags. These tags can be used in countless ways plus they are reversible. Their versatility makes them a must-have in any crafter's collection.

New Patriotic Printables

For those who love DIY projects made easy, our new patriotic printables are a dream come true. These downloadable files include a range of designs that you can print at home. From banners and to our mini tiles to framing them, our printables make it easy to add a personal touch to your celebrations. Simply download, print, and get creative! (Note: You can also choose to order the printable version if you don't have a printer and need us to do that part for you.)

Interchangeable Mini Signs

Our interchangeable mini signs are a customer favorite, and we've got three patriotic designs to cover you for the summer. Pick your favorite wood base and tile designs so you can change the design to suit the season or your mood.

Wooden Fire Crackers

Add a rustic touch to your decor with our wooden firecrackers. These charming pieces are handcrafted from high-quality wood and painted in patriotic colors. They make a great addition to your mantel, porch, or garden. Group them together for a stunning display or scatter them throughout your home for a subtle patriotic touch.

Mini Wooden Crate with Fabric Stars

Our mini wooden crate with fabric stars is a delightful addition to any patriotic display. Distress your DIY mini wooden crate for a vintage look, and toss in the  fabric stars for a soft, cozy touch. Use it as a centerpiece filled with flowers, or place it on a shelf to add a pop of patriotic color.

Bringing It All Together

Decorating for patriotic holidays has never been easier or more fun with our range of DIY products. Whether you're hosting a big Independence Day bash or simply want to add a touch of national pride to your home, our collection has something for everyone.

So why wait? Start shopping our patriotic collection today and get ready to celebrate in style. Happy decorating!

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