Because Your TEE (Shirt) Matters!

Because Your TEE (Shirt) Matters!

Have you heard about our new Apparel & Swag Collection? I wanted to take a few minutes of your time to educate you on the first item we have added to this collection, which is our t-shirts.

fluffy dog and woman sitting on picnic blanket where woman is wearing a shirt that says "Dogs make everything better"

Did you know that t-shirt was originally meant to be worn as an undergarment only? Even though it was invented somewhere between 1898 and 1913, it took until 1920 before the word t-shirt was introduced into the dictionary. Marlon Brando and James Dean are to credit for the shirt skyrocketing into stand-alone apparel rather than an undergarment. Because of what it was originally associated as, wearing a t-shirt on it's own was considered rebellious!

dark haired woman wearing a tshirt that says "sweater weather" under a layered fall flannel

By the time the 1960s rolled around, it became increasingly evident just how powerful the t-shirt could be in terms of messaging. Graphics became very popular as well as political messages and it grew from there. T-shirts, today, have been proven to be a perfect medium for sharing messages that include everything from rebellious to joyful and all things in between. Not only that, but the name has evolved as well. Short and simple, a classic "tee" is a modern day clothing staple!

For this collection of t-shirts, we are using Bella+Canvas brand Unisex Jersey Tee which is a super soft blend of fabrics. This fabric is Airlume combed which means using long-staple cotton strands. These long strands make it so that, when the cotton is spun, any loose fibers are prevented from 'poking out' and creating a not-so-comfortable feel. The cotton is also ringspun which is usually considered superior to cotton produced through other processes because the finished product is noticeably finer, softer and more durable. Bella+Canvas tees have a flattering fit thanks to their side seam construction. Shoulder taping gives them added durability. Overall, they hold up very well over time AND they are pre-shrunk which is a huge bonus!

close up of a dark gray tshirt with a sunflower and butterflies

Bella+Canvas is a U.S. based company, located in Los Angeles. Your tees might say "Made in Honduras" (or Guatamala or Venezuela). However, the company has a USA Strong approach so you may be wondering what that means. This is actually quite an interesting bit of information and, to learn more about it, I encourage you to watch this video. You'll get a look at the behind the scenes of the dying and cutting process as you listen. The company is 100% no sweat shops and eco-friendly. It is for all of these reasons that we chose this particular brand of shirt to be the base for my designs. 

I thought I'd add a few photos of some of the brand new collection of designs paired in different ways so that you can have a mini-style guide right here in this post! 

Pair your tee with a flannel or button down and boots for one layered look for Fall...

woman wearing navy and maroon tshirt and flannel; tshirt says "sweater weather"

A cardigan is a favorite go-to style when layering with a t-shirt!

woman wearing sunflower t-shirt with an orange cardigan

How about a cute Fall jacket to complete the layered look?

dark haired woman wearing a white t-shirt with black sunflower graphic that says "Shine Like a Sunflower"
woman wearing jeans and tall boots and army green jacket over a maroon t-shirt that says "With God, All Things are Possible."

Warmer temps? Roll those tee sleeves and sport your shorts!

dark haired woman wearing t-shirt that says "Throw Kindness around like confetti."

Dress it up or dress it down... a good old t-shirt gives you endless style options. Just like our DIY home decor, we love options! Want to see the rest of our new product line? Simply head over to the website to the Apparel & Swag Collection!

I hope that you found this informative and helpful when making a decision to purchase one of our new tees! Please let us know which ones you like the best and what you'd like to see in the future! Feel free to pin the graphic below for future reference, too!


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