Your Home Matters

Do you love to decorate but need some motivation and fresh ideas?

Do you want to make your house more your style and just don’t know how to go about doing so?

Are you looking for affordable help in making your house a home?

Do you have ideas but are unsure of how to pull it all together?

Do you love scrolling Pinterest and wish you could pull off the ideas you like?

Do you need help with organizing certain spaces in your home?

Are you interested in learning techniques for various types of DIY  projects like furniture painting, wall treatments, basic upholstery projects, and other home décor projects?

Your Home Matters Video by My Home Matters

I’m Laura, owner of My Home Matters, LLC and I founded my business on the need to be frugal in order to stay home with my children after leaving my teaching career. I still have a love of teaching and pair that with my love of all “home matters”, I decided to start a monthly membership group that provides a group setting in which we can tackle various home matters every month!

From decorating to organizing to DIY and chances to get help with your decorating and organizing dilemmas, I wanted to bring you an affordable and fun way to get ideas. Getting to share our ideas and photos with each other is motivation in itself plus having  the accountability is icing on the cake!

Right now we are looking for founding members to help us get this group started and provide us with the feedback we need to launch officially some time in the Fall 2020. Founding members will receive a discounted rate that is good for the lifetime of your membership (as long as you don’t cancel). The price will be more when we officially launch and, if we provide any discounts such as an annual rate, we promise your rate will still be better!

We are opening this group up to Founding Members from now through 10pm on Sunday, May 3rd. That’s it! Tell your friends and family! We’d love to have you come be part of our “Your Home Matters” Family. We will be firm about the deadline though so be sure to get in while you can at this rate of $19.97! We will not be offering this rate again in the future. (Founding members will have the option of monthly membership only. Cancel any time!)