Updating our Bedroom with a Black Wall

A black accent wall may be daunting for many. How about you? Would black every cross your mind as a paint color? Our master bedroom has been in need of an update for a few years now. Well, let me rephrase. It wasn't necessary. But the wall color was just not doing it for me anymore, the baseboards needed a good frehsening up, and it just needed some overall jazzing up. As usual, I keep thinking of more I'd like to do. This seems to be happening with the entire house! So, I'm focusing one what we can swing right now and saving the rest for...well, perhaps, after that stimulus check arrives? I've broken the updates down into phases I, II, II and, if needed, more. Here's a couple of photos from before. The walls were gold with the accent wall being thick stripes in shades of gold.bedroom painted with gold stripes and chunky blanket on the bed And here's one at Christmas time. Master Bedroom decorated for Christmas
Phase I
  • Update fireplace (last week's post)
  • Paint clock (also last week's post)
  • Replace the full length mirror that the boys broke playing over-the-door basketball over a year ago
  • Make some wooden signs with some type of sentimental meaning to me and my husband
  • Freshen up the bookshelves by tidying up
  • New bedspread/shams
  • Add some "real" houseplants
  • Add/update some family photos
Phase II
  • Add new light fixture
  • Replace the white standard blinds with textured cordless bamboo blinds
Phase III
  • Replace carpet with either new carpet or hardwood, if possible
  • Change out current bathroom door with barn doors (maybe... Mr. Home Matters is not convinced on this one)
  • Paint the ceiling if I ever muster up the energy.
Some prior projects are staying...
Several years ago (about five or so), my first furniture painting project EVER using Annie Sloan paint was painting our two dressers. I have a teaching degree in French and spent six months living with a host family and studying at L'Universite d'Haute Bretagne back in 1994. While I've been out of teaching French for way more years than I was even in (thus extremely rusty), that time in my life was hugely impactful. Our bedroom incorporates my love for France and I started that with painting the furniture. I used Annie Sloan French Linen followed by Cream and then heavily distressed. A local library happened to have an old overhead projector that I borrowed to project the French images on the two dressers. It was hours and hours of tracing and then painting and then more distressing. These photos not only show the furniture but also the newly painted three (of four) walls...tall dresser painted cream and stenciled with French saying A couple of years later, I purchased a jewelry armoire from a friend and decided to keep it for myself. The same color scheme and French theme made it the perfect addition, even if I really don't have any good jewelry. (I do have a boatload of costume jewelry though!)woman's dresser painted cream and stenciled with French sayingIf you read last week's blog post, I talked about purchasing that piece on a local swap site. The guy admitted that the insert did not work but that a new one could be purchased but, for me, ditching the insert altogether was perfect since I just wanted a "faux" fireplace. This was last week's project...painted faux fireplace and jewelry armoire
On to the updates...
Since I recently painted the main spaces of our long ranch home in Sherwin Williams Bungalow Beige, and we are, in fact, in the middle of a quarantine, using what I had was a starting point. I had about 3/4 of a gallon left and I had three walls to cover. That you can already see in the previous photos. The fourth wall was a toss up between the "safe" peel and stick wallpaper just like I used on a couple of walls elsewhere -or- black! I've painted furniture for other people black. Black is what I used on our painted piano. And, of course, black now adorns our faux fireplace. But never have I ever painted a wall black! So I started scouring Pinterest for the best blacks. I narrowed it down to three Sherwin Williams colors shown in this pin which was exaclty what I needed to compare! Tricorn Black, Caviar and Black Magic. I knew that my white Ikea curtains would really stand out nicely against any of them, so in the middle I went.master bed with black wall, wooden headboard and buffalo checked bedding The bedding is from Pottery Barn and was our first purchase for the room using money we received for Christmas. It became the inspiration for the rest of the room. We love our headboard (mentioned again later) and I wanted to be sure it blended well with whatever updates we chose to do. The headboard itself was added inspiration in that I wanted to keep with the same general tones - blacks, grays, browns, and almost white. The large black shams are from Ikea. They are just covers so I re-used our old large euro pillows that were cream.master bedroom view of buffalo check bedding, wooden headboard and black wall
The worst part of painting is patching and prepping and taking those darn outlet and switch covers off!
But the BEST part about this particular black is that I did not have to prime my striped wall! Two coats (three in some spots) did the trick! gold striped wall being painted black master bedroom wall being painted blackI knew in my gut I made the right call, but I still worried that the black would keep the room from being as bright as it can be. I stayed the course and painted on. The more I painted the more I loved it. It felt like 47 years of playing it safe in life and in decorating decisions came to a screeching hault with my decision to paint a wall black! Ha! When I got to the corner where two windows meet, I felt like I needed to keep going with the black all the way behind the bookshelves. My husband helped me take the headboard off the wall. (That's a project I did shortly after my furniture painting project. Because it was a long time ago, I don't have a post about it but maybe one day I will.) There's nothing like a painting project that is the only reason for moving the bed away from the wall to cause you to feel like you've suddenly been living in filth for years! The dust back there was... well, you can imagine. Yuck!
Putting it all back together...
While phase I included replacing the full length mirror, and while I did find one, good old COVID-19 means it will take a little longer than usual to arrive. I've been trying to blend the black with the neutrals/creams/whites as well as some wood tones, so the mirror I found has a black metal frame inside of which also has a wood toned frame. I hope I like it as much in person as I do online! Houseplants got rearranged and hope to add more when it's safe to shop normally again. I played musical lamp-shades, too. Now my DIY floral lampshade sits on my nightstand instead of by the chair and I love the change. To see how I did that, you can click here to see my Facebook demonstration! master bedroom view of side table, lamp, black wall, custom farmhouse signs and chunky blanket on a chair side table in a master bedroomFinally, my husband frequently plays songs so that we can dance around the kitchen island and one of his favorites is a waltz to the song "Can I Have This Dance" by Anne Murray. I decided the lyrics would make a great set of signs that I could create as a surprise. A white background provided another pop of the brightness and, coupled with the Early American stain,I love the added warmth.custom farmhouse signs that say "Could I have this dance"On the other side of the room, I hung my wedding veil. I've always had it hanging in here but now it stands out nicely and I mixed in some other special momentos from over the years.wall arrangement with wedding veil and other trinkets on a black wall Even Lucky blends right in even more than before. But man is he desperate for grooming after all this time in quarantine!Bearded Collie on a master bedroom in front of a black wall Stay tuned for the next phase! In the meantime, what's the boldest color paint you've ever used and where?  

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